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advertise has been created for all people who are interested in insect kingdom. You can find here videos for beginners to instruct them how to handle with specimens as well as useful videos for advanced specimen fans, forums to ask and answer your questions and photo database that grows day by day. means interesting information, portal to specimen shops, videos, auctions, photos, stock markets information but joins all insect fans together.

Ladies and gentlemen, collectors, traders, dealers, fans and friends, WELCOME TO INSECTIN.COM.


Database of insects created by users. Do you have interesting of beautiful specimen and do you want to share information about him with the rest of our community? Do not hesitate to add it here. We will be pleased. Both orders Lepidoptera (butterflies) as well as Coleoptera (beetles) are possible.


Do you have some specimen you want to sell for final price? Are you going to arrange a market of butterflies or beetles in your hometown? Use this menu and add classified ad.


Are you curious how far could go the price of your specimen? Or do you want to try a fortune during auction and get some specimens cheaper? Try our auction without any fees.


A place where to ask questions. A place where to get answers. Try our forum.


For suppliers who would like to be known. We know that for many of us the insect is a question of business or livelihood. Nevertheless there are still people among us who are willing to share information about suppliers or traders. Share those information in the community if you don't mind.


Nature is beautiful when it is alive and sometimes we want to share with others what beauty we experienced. Send us your photo to share. You can also find instructional videos here.


Advertisement is more important thing of today's business than it was in the past. The more effective ads you have the more successful you can be. Place your advertisement to and become more successful.


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Website is still under construction but working. If you find something wrong, you have ideas, remarks, comments, please contact us. Thank you and we wish beautiful day. Yours

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